California State University Fullerton

Teaching grants received:

2021   California Education Learning Lab. BioCalc PEA Program. Joint grant between UCI, CSU Fresno, and CSU Fullerton. Joint grant with UCI, CSU Fullerton, San Jose State. (Bob Pelayo lead PI).


2015    Course Redesign. Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology (Biol 191B) (co-PI). Kathryn Dickson (PI). Kristy Forsgren (co-PI). 


2014     Course Redesign. Human Anatomy/Mammalian Physiology

(Biol 361/Biol 362) (co-PI). Kathryn Dickson (PI). Kristy Forsgren (co-PI). 


Human (gross) Anatomy - Cadaver based majors course

Anatomy and Physiology for non majors

Marine Ecology

Graduate Seminar




Graduate Comparative Biomechanics

Field Marine Biology

Marine Biology



Ecology and Functional Morphology of Fishes (UW)

BioCalculus Boot Camp

Creative Projects

Links to student projects which challenge students to create short videos that serve to teach the general public about various topics in biology. The results are fantastic.


Ichthyology 2022

Dusky shark version of Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

Ich version of the "Office"

Strategies for how fish eat


Estuaries and their function for fish communities

Life cycle of salmon

Deep sea shark tier list


Ichthyology 2019

Brain Freeze FishStories: DDT of Palos Verdes

Fishy Defenses

Wanda and Friends

A Layman's Guide to Syngnathids

Doodle Kingdom Great White Shark


Ichthyology 2018

Fish anatomy rap

Hooks with a spur

Life of a seahorse

Fish jeopardy

Sandy beaches real talk


Field Marine Biology (317). Spring 2014

Algae lifecycles (life aquatic version)

We are fishes (Metal version)
Weird organisms

Fighting desiccation


Organism adaptation

Ocean acidification




Ichthyology (Biology of fishes - 475). Spring 2013.

Grunion life history

Shark family rap

Fish Scales

Weird wild fishes

Kelp forest/ Open ocean

Taxonomy rap

Jaw protrusion

Primitive vs derived fishes



Majors anatomy (361) Fall 2013.

I feel it in my bones: Guide to breaks

Anatomy of the human eye

The Heart - Office spoof

The heart blood flow

Blood flow 

Fight or Flight

Bones and Muscles to Gotye

Dream about anatomy - lymphatic system, etc.

Feeling good from the inside


Anatomy of a punch

Effects of alcohol


Muscles, weightlifting

Muscle anatomy - raising arm, tying shoes

Bone shop

Bone rap #2


Olympic lifts

Breaking muscles

Zombie apocalypse cooking


Non-Majors Anatomy & Physiology (210) Fall 2013.

Muscle structure

Spinal column

Sickle Cell Anemia

Levers and Muscles

The reproductive system

Lymph nodes

Blood circulation

Upper body muscles


Negative feedback

Epiphyseal plate

Nervous system

Muscles of eye


Digestive system


Muscle contraction

Valve defect

Anatomy of knee

Small intestines

Saddleback College, Mission Viejo

COSMOS, University of California, Irvine

I have taught Marine Biology for the COSMOS program at UCI. This program is a five week long intensive course for minority high school students. 


I delivered the Distinguished Lecture for COSMOS summer (2014).



Students interested in joining the FABB lab should contact Dr. Paig-Tran directly. Include a short statement of who you are and your research interests. It is helpful to include an updated C.V. 


*Remember, before contacting any professor about joining their lab, make sure that you do your homework. Know what their lab does. Try to read one of their papers or at least an abstract from their papers.


Have a possible research question ready to discuss. This impresses P.I.s and gives you the advantage over students who have not taken the time to look into what happens in that lab.


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